Tangaj Collective – Action at a Distance – CNDB (RO-CA)

BLOT – Body Line of Thought

FLOW 5 International Dance Festival

We are strong and fragile, interconnected systems of sweat, muscle, and microbiome. In BLOT, our bodies are redefined through an exploration of our coexistence with microbiological beings. The performance is inspired by our own anatomy, using the language of the body to create states of repetition, fluidity, compassion, and empathy.
Stripped of the social meanings determined by language, movement becomes a transitory presence and an intersubjective experience that opens the way to new understandings. Images of bacteria cultivated from the dancer’s bodies and dunes of salt reveal the invisible systems that connect us to our biome.

Coreography: Simona DEACONESCU & Vanessa GOODMAN

Duration of performance:
50 minutes
(without interval)