Transzylvanian Bú Boys

From the Songs of Jack Cole

The story of the Transzylvanian Bú Boys’ production began in 1997, when three students of theatre at the University of Theatre Arts in Târgu Mures – Ernő Fazakas, Lóránt Márton and Csongor Nagy – took the newly published book of Jack Cole’s songs by András Ferenc Kovács (KAF) and set to music several pieces from it.

The many humorous stories of our identities are evoked in this lyrical concert, through the wonderful lyrics of Kossuth Prize winner András Ferenc Kovács and a musical world that reflects the explosive energy and playfulness of the three actors. According to the creators the concert is a „play with youth, love and then passing away. Play with our rebellions and resignations, our successes and failures. A happy-sad play about where we have come from and where we are going. It is a musical journey that never ceases to be topical, because it is about us, the people, the audience and the performers.”


NAGY Csongor (piano, guitar, vocal), FAZAKAS Ernő (violin, vocal), MÁRTON Lóránt László (guitar, vocal)

Duration of performance:
70 minutes
(without interval)