Stefan Arsenijević–Srđjan Koljević–Bojan Vuletić

Love and other crimes

Based upon the film by Stefan Arsenijević

Under the hopeless circumstances of the belgradian underworld, Anica is longing for a new life. But before she seizes the moment in order to change her own fate and leave the concrete-desert of the serbian capital, she decides to bring every story from her past to an end. The performance LOVE AND OTHER CRIMES tells the story of one unique day with a bit of irony, absurdity and romance. It gives a glimpse of the easter-european reality and the everyday life of the late ’90s in the post-communist Belgrade.

There is Milutin, the old-fashioned (but out of date) owner of a solarium who is – on the other hand – a small-time mobster. He is about to realize that his criminal life is facing with a dead-end, while his sixteen-year-old daughter, Ivana seems to be interested in nothing but suicide attempts, telenovelas and oranges. Stanislav, Milutin’s best man who is grumpy on the surface but open-hearted and warm inside, falls in love with Anica and plans to run away with her. In the wind of an outbreaking gangster war appears Nikolija, the owner of a butchery shop, Stanislav’s Mother, a long ago glamorous diva whose recent performances are paid by her own son.

While waiting for the opening of a new shopping center in the sinister atmosphere caused by the opposition of the two self-appointed „Godfathers”, no one is busy with love. The awakening passion between Anica and Stanislav seems to be rather dangerous than heroic for the first time. How can the two lovers deal with that situation? What shall we do when mind and heart are in contradiction? Is it possible to embrace love and find the right path to grow as an individual at the same time? And after all, Is love a crime?

We don’t recommend this performance for people under the age of 14.