William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing

Love itself is the „much ado”. It’s killing, it’s dulling and it plunges you into poverty. Or is it exactly its contrary? But all in all it turns everything upside down. We know the feeling, even those know it, who only have a „reading experience” of it, as our modern society makes sure we all have a stupefied fetish for idealized love. But, really that’s all there is to it? Sentimental, melodious, near pathetic „I want yous”, „I need yous” and „I am nothing without yous”.

Love is pulled into pieces in this Shakespearian comedy and examines every bit of it. Various desires and types of love are presented to us, so at the end we decide which one is the real, the honest or the most „elevated”.

Much Ado About Nothing is a real amorous give and take. Men of war returning home have to lay down their weapons and take upon the arms of love and their – not always decent – desires. But is it possible to leave behind the horrors of war and experience love with clean head and, of course, clean soul? After the near-death situations on the battlefield can anyone avoid their soul to deform? Can you still make love not to be a game of power?

The performance will also be performed with Romanian subtitles upon prior agreement.