Based on Sławomir Mrożek

The Slaughterhouse

Witkacy Theatre, Zakopane, Poland

Performance based on the radio drama by Sławomir Mrożek asks a universal and current today question: What does it mean to experience the conflict between culture and nature?

“The Slaughterhouse” touches the matters of decisive importance for an artist, it means the place of art in the contemporary world. The fight goes already for a sense of art in general. Immersed in the realities of consumption society, we ask basic questions: what influence for life may art have? What does it have to oppose to brutality, crime, violence which spread so commonly? How pathetic are the trials of art to keep up the cruelty of life? It touches the phenomenon of degradation of culture which enforces together with the development of civilization.

The main character is a violinist, the man who cannot mature completely to liberate himself from his possessive mother’s dictatorship, to be an independent (from who? from what?), full, total artist. All the time he is standing between the primary emotions and those coming from the experiencing of art. This is another realization of the creator of Zakopane Theatre – Andrzej Dziuk who, by realizing the work of an outstanding Polish classic of literature – returns to the subject of the artist facing contemporary vision of the world – full of false, hypocrisy and suffering.

Performance for the spectators over 16 years of age!



Dorota Ficoń, Agnieszka Michalik, Kamil Joński, Piotr Łakomik, Krzysztof Najbor, Krzysztof Wnuk

Stage designing: Rafał Zawistowski
Stage designer’s Assistant: Jolanta Solska
Director’s Assistant: Agnieszka Michalik
Production Manager: Arkadiusz Kudła
Music Consultation: Maja Waloszczyk-Ziach, Cezary Wagner
Photo documentation: Iwona Toporowska Photoghraphy
Text adaptation, music adaptation and direction: Andrzej St. Dziuk

Duration of performance:
2 hours and 30 minutes
(without interval)