Bertolt Brecht

The Threepenny Opera

Co-production of the Szeged Open-Air Festival and the Tamási Áron Theatre

Police chief, burglars, killers, prostitutes, beggars and the queen…

The notorious criminal, Mack the Knife secretely marries Peacock’s daughter. Peacock, the king of London beggars conspires with Mack the Knife’s friend, the police officer, and together they manage to put the gang leader into prison.

Brecht’s expressionist play peppered with amoral heroes and dark romaticism presents the power of money in Victorian England. We see a world where betrayal is part of the daily routine, where actions don’t have consequences and where the betrayed seeks comfort on the shoulder of the traitor.

This upcoming performance might be one of the most complex projects of the past few years.


Directed by: László Bocsárdi