Highly rich programme in our new season of 2022/2023

Highly rich programme in our new season of 2022/2023

At the opening meeting plans for the new season of 2022/2023 have been introduced by Gyöngyi Pál Ferenczi, new manager of the theatre. This season will be named after the theatre’s name giver, thus celebrating the 125th anniversary of the birth of Áron Tamási. Furthermore, spring will bring the 5th edition of the REFLEX International Theatre Festival.

The opening premiere will be The Precarious Fiancé by Áron Tamási and will be held on the birthday of the author on 19th September. Rehearsals are held under the direction of István Albu, manager of the Figura Studio Theatre in Gheorgheni. In the course of the season further events related to our name giver will be organized.

Plans for further premieres of the season have been presented, two of which are programmed in November: Ivan Vyrypaev’s Oxygen, directed by Tibor Pálffy and Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing directed by Krisztián Kiliti. Also in November rehearsal for the New Year’s Eve premiere will begin, Eugène Labiche’s The Lourcine Street Affair will be directed by Árpád Barabás.

Béla Pintér’s Dievoushka will be directed by Máté Hegymegi and premiered in February. According to plans Radu Afrim will direct the last premiere of the season, the title however is still unknown.

REFLEX will be held in the second half of May, the program is still in development.

Besides our newly premiered performances and the 5th edition of the festival further exciting programs await the audience. The Harag György Company of the Northern Theatre in Satu Mare will be guest performing with two performances: Friedrich Dürenmatt’s Romulus the Great directed by László Bocsárdi and Rasputin written by Géza Szőcs, directed by Sardar Tagirovsky.

Last year proved to be a successful project to bring and make a mini-season of the performances of the Theatre University of Targu Mures, thus in October we will continue that tradition and bring all the student directors’ performances.

Szabolcs Varsányi will join our company, who is from Budapest and just finished his studies at the Theatre University in Targu Mures.

The M Studio Movement Theatre will have three premieres. First in December we will see the work of Simona Deaconescu, a young choreograph from Bucharest, leader of the Tangaj Collective. Dóra Barta will return in February, she is considered already a home-coming director after her earlier performances of The Process, The House of García Lorca and Danse Noir. The last premiere of the season will be a new fire show, composed by the actors of the company.

Though already accustomed to everything getting dearer, our theatre is aiming to keep the ticket prices of last year valid for its own performances.

Maecenas season tickets can be purchased this year as well online or in person at the theatre’s Box Office, opened on Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and an hour before every performance.

In the hope of new theatre experiences for our audience, we await you for the performances of the season 2022/2023!