José Rivera

Cloud Tectonics

Cloud Tectonics is a play by José Rivera, a dreamlike (and ultimately tragic) love story about its two protagonists, Aníbal de la Luna and Celestina del Sol. It is set in Los Angeles, with most of the action taking place in Aníbal’s house. It is somewhat of the archetypal “boy meets girl” story—but it is truly told by a master of the form.

During a record-breaking Los Angeles deluge, a man gives shelter to a beautiful, pregnant hitch-hiker who is searching for the father of her child. ..”. CLOUD TECTONICS, Jose Rivera’s often enchanting new play … Rivera has successfully mixed two styles in which he previously dabbled, realism and magic realism, to produce a naturalistic play interlaced with symbols and magical occurrences. In doing so, he has found a voice to probe the mystery of the kind of love that stops your heart as surely as it does your sense of time and space. And he does it without goo.” – Laurie Winer

We do not recommend this performance for people under the age of 16.