Gemza Péter

New Genesis

How can we experience and then let go, how can we rise above and create together? There will be no other way, but to find each other by relying on the power of community.
We need a new beginning. Whatever pain may separation come with, we need a new generation of strength to shoulder the task of recreating the world. From tears. Tears of pain and beauty. There will be no other choice, but to begin anew. We must rediscover how to accept each other’s truths. We need change. Here we are.



Balázs Bernadett- Mária, Tódor Erika, Máthé Barbara, György Laura, Kalló Júlia, Biró László Gergő, Filep Gergő Zsombor, Flór Máté-Gellért, Ábrahám Gellért, Fazakas Hunor, Uivarosi Daniel, Antal Örs Deli, Sztojka Sebestyén, Pazsiczki Máté, Tulogdi Botond

Directed by: GEMZA Péter
Light design: PORTIK Zoltán
Stage manager: STAN Lilla-Alíz



Duration of performance:
1 óra
(without interval)