Sztojka Sebestyén Gergő

The Angel

A performance by the graduate theatre students of Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca

Motherhood. Resentfulness. Security. Heritage. Ego. Shame. Love. Pride. Instinct. Purity. Abuse. Problems that have always been a relevant part of our history of human existence and that has not changed since. Partly because, because instinct has never dictated otherwise, and partly because of our upbringing. Did you know that 70% of our defining characteristics can be inherited from our ancestors? That’s specifically what upbringing means.

What is the difference between wish and desire? The human and the humanity? Can a feeling as pure as desire actually be evil in nature? Who seeks the child in themselves, and who is really only in the pursuit of happiness? And who is entitled to the fulfilment of these desires? 8 friends realize that perhaps our instincts and desires can move into opposite directions as well and our dreams may not come true the way we imagined.

“Theatre is the stomach in which food metamorphoses into two equal things: dreams and excrement.” (Jerzy Grotowski) If desire and dream were an etude, all beings would suddenly become professional dancers in this world, and for the rest of their lives they would be searching for the God that is to decide where this dance duel ends. If there is an end to it.