Contemporary Polish Play in the Tamási Áron Theatre

Contemporary Polish Play in the Tamási Áron Theatre

The Tamási Áron Theatre presents Maria Wojtyszko’s Sam, Preparing for Family Life on the 7th of March at 19pm. The co-production of the Tamási Áron Theatre and the University of Arts of Târgu-Mureș tells the story of an adolescent whose parents are going through a difficult divorce.

Sam’s story is composed by 27 scenes, each focusing on the solitude of the boy. The strength of the play is its tone and style: it is not a fable recommending solutions for typical adolescent problems, but rather a report on the chaotic state of Western reality. This overall confusion leaves its mark on the young, for whom neither the family, the school or the church can serve as a meaningful example/show a meaningful example.

The exclusion from society is a typical method in the rite of passage, frequently used by many tribes even nowadays. In Western societies, on the other hand, teenagers go through a different kind of isolation crisis: one that is not organized, but accidental. An unexpected rite of passage is dangerous and can frequenty end in tragedy. Sam goes through all the typical teenage crisis situations. His only helpers are his imaginary hamsters.

The spectators have the opportunity to see Maria Wojtyszko’s play directed by László Bocsárdi for the first time on the 7th of March from 19 pm.

Suitable for ages 14+