The first Theatre ShowCase in Sfântu Gheorghe

The first Theatre ShowCase in Sfântu Gheorghe

Sepsi Theatre ShowCase is the name of the new cultural event with which the Andrei Mureșanu Theatre together with the Tamási Áron Theatre and the M Studio Movement Theatre will surprise the audience of Sfântu Gheorghe and those who are curious about the theatre offerings of the city.

The first-ever event is a large-scale initiative inspired by international trends that has been successfully adopted by several theatres in Hungary, but not yet in Sfântu Gheorghe. It will run for two weeks from 14-27 March, in conjunction with World Theatre Day, and will give audiences the opportunity to experience the very high quality and diversity of local theatre on offer. The programme of the theatre marathon includes the following performances:

14 March: Blasted – directed by Bobi Pricop, produced by the Andrei Mureşanu Theatre

15 March: Ice Cake – directed by Máté Szilvay, Tamási Áron Theatre

16 March: Spectator – directed by Andrea Gavriliu, Andrei Mureşanu Theatre

17 March: Nora 2. The Doll’s House – directed by Andreea Vulpe, Andrei Muresanu Theatre

18 March: Oxygen – directed by Tibor Pálffy, Tamási Áron Theatre

19 March: La Ronde – directed by Eugen Jebeleanu, produced by Andrei Mureşanu Theatre

20 March: Pappa mia – choreography by Ferenc Fehér, performed by M Studio Movement Theatre

21 March: Richard III – directed by Eugen Gyemant, performed by Andrei Mureşanu Theatre

22 March: Chicago – directed by Zoltán Puskás, performed by Tamási Áron Theatre

23 March: Furniture and Pain – directed by Cristian Ban, Andrei Mureşanu Theatre

24 March: – choreographed by Fren_Ák, performed by M Studio Movement Theatre

25 March: Sakura Sandwich – directed by Iris Kovács, performed by Andrei Mureşanu Theatre

26 March: Iranian Conference – directed by László Bocsárdi, performed by Tamási Áron Theatre

27 March: Anatomy of a Suicide – directed by Diana Mititelu, produced by Andrei Mureşanu Theatre.

We are confident that the Sepsi Theatre ShowCase will be a milestone in the cultural events of Sfântu Gheorghe, strengthening the relationship between local theatres and the community. We hope that this event will also compensate our audience for the cancellation of the third module of the Reflex5 International Theatre Festival, caused by the cuts to the state budget at the end of October last year.

Tickets for the performances of the Sepsi Theatre ShowCase are available at the Box Office of the Municipality of Sfântu Gheorghe, at the ticket office of the Andrei Mureşanu Theatre and online at and