László Bocsárdi stands down, Gyöngyi Pál-Ferenczi becomes the acting Director General

László Bocsárdi stands down, Gyöngyi Pál-Ferenczi becomes the acting Director General

Gyöngyi Pál-Ferenczi, actor at the Tamási Áron Theatre becomes acting Director General after László Bocsárdi theatre director and Manager decided to step down and continue his work as Deputy Director. The news has been given at a press conference in the presence of Mayor Árpád Antal. This is a temporary state as there will be held a competition for the position of the theatre’s Manager.

László Bocsárdi stated that he wishes in his last year of active director and manager to help someone in the transition period, so as the change of the management could be “integral and for the better of the company”

As stated, it is the outcome of a long and thoughtful process, he already decided and announced two years ago that as of 2023 he will no longer be manager, because he felt there is a need to refine the approach of the art of theatre but in a way as the theatre to remain among the important institutions in Transylvania. For this to achieve it needs the values to be saved, and also the person next in charge to have a vision for the upcoming period and is able to connect with the challenges of the present.

“I am not feeling old or burnt out, but the last 28 years have been a bit much: artistic director for 11 years and from 2006 manager of the theatre. Too much, and I felt, that if I can find someone in the theatre who is willing to make sacrifices for the company and is accepted by the people within the institution, is taken serious, then I try to make of this last managerial year a sort of transition, let the person be the manager and I will help and be an adviser and become a surety for the person in this year. Then it will turn out if this is operable or not.” This is a test, an attempt and Gyöngyi Pál-Ferenczi has had a very hard time accepting it, there were many attempts of persuasion before finally convincing her to give the idea a shot.

Árpád Antal, Mayor of Sfantu Gheorghe is of the opinion that a manager’s most difficult task after leading for many years, is to lick somebody into shape who will continue the work. The Tamási Áron Theatre is a very important institution of the town and feels that it is essential to hold the fort built by Levente Nemes and László Bocsárdi, but he is also certain that a new leader will have new components brought in the life of the theatre.

Writer: László Mózes
Photo: Levente Albert

Source: https://www.3szek.ro/load/cikk/150837/bocsardi-laszlo-visszalepett-pal-ferenczi-gyongyi-a-megbizott-igazgato-tamasi-aron-szinhaz