Premiere of a Tamási play and exhibition at the theatre

Premiere of a Tamási play and exhibition at the theatre

This season will be named after the theatre’s name giver, thus celebrating the 125th anniversary of the birth of Áron Tamási with an opening premiere on the author’s birthday, 19th September at 7 p.m. With this occasion an exhibition of the works of Tamási will be opened by Zsuzsa Szebeni theatre historian, head of the Liszt Institute Sfantu Gheorghe and László Bocsárdi, deputy director of the theatre, beginning at 6 p.m.
Áron Tamási’s The Precarious Fiancé is directed by István Albu, manager of the Figura Studio Theatre in Gheorgheni, who believes the play deals with the basic questions of the artistic existence, which is also a sensitive concern of the creative team as well.

The Precarious Fiancé gives an insight into the seemingly hopeless life of Antal Bodrogi, a young potter (in our case a picture framer), who is really talented, yet, he is on the brink of a financial breakdown, although trying desperately to set off his debts by selling his shoddy goods at fairs. In his hopeless situation, he is preparing for an unworthy marriage of convenience with a practically unknown but rather wealthy old girl in order to meet his debts, even though he is in love with someone else.

He knows deep in his heart that marrying an unknown is without sense, just as selling worthless goods is, yet he cannot find any other way out thus both as a person and as an artist his identity becomes somewhat fractured.

Tamási’s fabular allegory was written in the context of the depression after the two world wars, yet the recent years and also our present has brought such crises that threw humankind off balance both privately and communally.

„Why The Precarious Fiancé? Perhaps because it is about an artist, about his struggle, about his existential problems, or simply about those financial, intellectual and emotional values that preoccupy me as well” – said István Albu, director of the performance.

Cast and crew of the performance: Zsuzsa Szőke (set and costume design), Magor Bocsárdi (music composer), András Rancz (video design), Márk-Cristopher Demeter (director assistant), Edit Veres Bartha (stage manager) and Mária Magdolna Dobra (sufleur).

Actors: Bence Kónya-Ütő, Tibor Pálffy, Zsuzsanna Vass, Gábor Erdei, Dezső Derzsi, Ágnes Benedek, Gyöngyi Pál-Ferenczi, László Szakács, Annamária D. Albu, Lóránt-László Márton, Zsolt Fekete, Hajnalka Szalma, Áron Beczásy, Szabolcs Varsányi, Kristóf Nagy-Kopeczky, Janka Korodi, Magor Bocsárdi, Csaba Gáspár, Gellért Pignitzky.