Pintér Béla – Darvas Benedek


National guardsmen of the Eighth Kinizsi Pál bicycle infantry are watching the sunrise. A new day is beginning. April 20, 1942, Érsekújvár, flag raising. According to the order of war, it is the next day that the regiment moves into Galanta, from where it begins its journey to Russia, to the Don River bend. Captain Halász, Lieutenant Kovács, Private Mikó and Private Nyíri spend the last evening with their loved ones. However, to everyone’s surprise, the colonel’s wife is giving a farewell ball, at which appearance is mandatory by choice. Ármin Heinz, a Jewish worker serves the champagne, the artist gives an outstanding show, and the wives are waiting for their last night together. The champagne is running out, the patriots are dancing, the women are impatient, then an index card appears, later a syringe that will change some peoples’ lives forever. General von Ziege orders combat readiness, the eighth Kinizsi Pál bicycle infantry goes to the front to fight the Red Demon.

The musical work written by Béla Pintér and composer Benedek Darvas guides us through the story taking place in the middle of the Second World War with rich humor and bitter insight.

The performance is not recommended under the age of 14.

The authors of the songs performed in the performance are: Mihály Erdélyi, Szabolcs Fényes, Imre Füredi (Huzly), Imre Harmath, Kálmán Kovách, István Mihály, Tibor Polgár, Jenő Sándor.
License to using the songs was granted by the UMPA agency.

The performance will also be performed with Romanian subtitles upon prior agreement.