1987, Sfântu Gheorghe




O. Horváth Sári: Lifelike (Meryllo, Music) - 2020/2021
Today Poems: aritmia.doc (Prezeng Band) - 2020/2021
Teahtrical Dialogues: THE PROGRAMME (Performer, Tesztoszteron Zenei Alakulat, Creator) - 2020/2021
Ivan Viripajev: Illusions (First man) - 2019/2020
Bertolt Brecht: The Threepenny Opera (Jakob) - 2019/2020
Based on Móricz Zsigmond’s The Barbarians and The Last Outlaw novels: The Barbarians (Four dogs with two guitars, Music) - 2018/2019
Maria Wojtyszko: Sam, or Preparation for Family Life (Good Hamster, Music, Music) - 2018/2019
Based on Aristophanes' Lysistrata: Lucy Strate or the Ninth Council (Narcissus) - 2018/2019
Mezei Kinga: The Legend of Anne (Cast) - 2017/2018
Carlo Goldoni: The Chioggia Scuffles (Titta-Nane (Giambattista), young fisherman) - 2017/2018
Based on Lewis CARROLL’S Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass fantasy novels: Alice (sZempöl Offchestra) - 2017/2018
Harold PINTER: Celebration (Waiter) - 2016/2017
Bertolt BRECHT: In the Jungle of Cities (George Garga) - 2016/2017
Ray COONEY: Funny Money (Bill) - 2016/2017
Igor BAUERSIMA: norway.today (August, Music) - 2016/2017
– based on Áron TAMÁSI’S novel entitled Green Branch: Zongota (Performers) - 2016/2017
Molnár Ferenc: Liliom (II. Detectiv) - 2015/2016
Moliére: The Bourgeoise Gentleman (Cléonté) - 2015/2016
August Strindberg: Ms. Julie with scenes from Tarkovsky (Andrei Tarkovskij, Pepper) - 2015/2016
PINTÉR Béla: Kaisers Tv, Ungarn. (Petőfi Sándor) - 2014/2015
Andrzej Saramonowicz: Testosterone (Devils) - 2010/2011