Kovács Dominik–Kovács Viktor

Ice Cake

“Precision, ambition, honesty!” This is the credo of the 82-year-old confectioner, Uncle Gyuri Bánóczky, whose shop has been a favourite with the inhabitants of this small rural town for 50 years. The smell of sweet pastries overpowers all the secrets that define the lives of the widowed owner and his daughter Saci. Living in the shadow of her father, the middle-aged woman’s greatest wish is to reunite with her estranged son Csabi. But Uncle Gyuri refuses to hear of the reunion. How does an almost insignificant situation, a single sentence, become a negative experience that can last a lifetime? Is there a way to clear up grievances that have been hidden for years? Ice Cake, full of tragicomic details, is cold, hard and indestructible, but if we wipe the foam off it, we can not only see through it, but also see a reflection of ourselves.

The performance is the Hungarian premiere of the play, which has already been performed in German in Zurich, written by the Prológ Prize-winning twins Dominik and Viktor Kovács, and directed by Máté Szilvay, who graduated from the Târgu Mures University of Arts in 2023 in the class of László Bocsárdi.

We don’t recommend this performance for people under the age of 16.