Bertolt BRECHT

In the Jungle of Cities

Translator: Ungár Júlia

Bertolt Brecht is one of the most significant dramatists, his work in the field of theatre studies resulted in the epic theatre. In the Jungle of Cities we meet a young book clerk visited one day at his shop by a Malay man who wants to buy his opinion. The young man refuses to sell it and leaves the shop and all his clothes. But after two weeks he arrives at the lumberyard of the Malay man with a revolver and takes over the business.

The destinies of lonely parents, lonely siblings, lonely lovers, lonely felons and offenders all intermingle in this drama that is centred around poetry. The ultimate question is: what are we born into? How shall we live? What can we do against the world, for example against such world in which day by day hundreds of people, cramped up in a boat, drown in the sea?