Kaisers Tv, Ungarn.

Béla Pintér is a truly unique theatre personality – dramatist, director, actor – who since establishing his own theatre, writes his own plays, directs them and takes part in them. Success after success, the theatre has become one of Hungary’s most important and most inventive workshops. Dramatic and entertaining plays built on the classical drama tradition, but born out of the critical-ironic observations of Hungary’s present society, which make the performances relevant and original.

Kaisers TV Ungarn was written in 2011, and is according to theatre critic Róbert Markó: “suffocatingly humorous, interrogatively affirmative study about patriotism.” The story’s fictitious hero, Ignácz Baráznay, martyr of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 died in unexplained circumstances. Forty years later, his daughter, Amália goes back in time to 1848 through some transcend and takes a job at the then already operating Kaisers TV. Gradually she realizes that her father was far from being that ideal hero whom the nation so dearly remembered or as she thought he was.

We do not recommend this performance for people under the age of 14.