The Miser

Translator: ILYÉS Gyula

„I want to be happy!” – says Cléante in The Miser.
Though this could be told by any of the characters. Moreover, this could be told by any of us.Because each of us is in search of happiness – or merely some smooth water to swim along? A theatre performance (just as the beginning of a new year) is a perfect opportunity to raise this question.What kind of strategy have we chosen to (out) live? What is the basis of our lives?For some people human relationships are the most valuable part of existence. But this would also mean that one mustn’t trade on the other.
For others lifeless things become the idol. Because they can trade on them. And out of all the lifeless things money is the most supple.This is how the characters in The Miser are driven, either by the desire for love or by the desire for possession. It varies which is giving them the hope of security. Sometimes both together…Molière’s play is not as gauzy as one might expect but sharp as a blade that barrens the people down to their inner incapability to love.Is there anything in our lives that gives a higher security than money does?
If there is, then we will laugh during the performance. If there isn’t…