Sunflower is preparing for autumn festivals

Sunflower is preparing for autumn festivals

The Tamási Áron Theatre’s production of Sunflower, directed by Radu Afrim, is invited to two important festivals in September: on the 14th at 6 pm, the production will be presented at the PulzArt Contemporary Arts Festival in Sfântu Gheorghe, and on the 18th at 7 pm, the company will perform at the DráMA Contemporary Theatre Meeting in Odorheiu Secuiesc.

At the centre of the play is ten-year-old Janka, who we get to know through her dog, her family, and her relationships at school and with her friends. Throughout the scenes, the story of three families unfolds, each with a fracture: divorce, illness, abandoned children, parents with misplaced expectations.

The Tamási Áron Theatre’s production is not about clearly evil parents and abusive families, but about lonely, lost children and adults looking for a better life. Instead of big dramatic scenes and revelations of universal truths, the audience is confronted with everyday situations and the daily struggles of people like us. It’s as if we are seeing our own families, all of us seeking happiness as the sunflowers is seeking the sun.

As the director Radu Afrim has already taught the audience in Sfântu Gheorghe, the performance will be full of humour and playfulness, sensitively illustrating how children’s imagination colours the sad reality of their everyday lives. Some of the actors will play multiple roles, appearing in the story as children and adults, or as characters in scenes that are created in the children’s imagination.

Tickets for the PulzArt festival can be purchased at the Central Box Office in Sfântu Gheorghe and at, while tickets and season tickets for the DráMA contemporary theatre meeting are available at the box office of the Tomcsa Sándor Theatre. The company of the Tamási Áron Theatre welcomes the audience to both performances.