Mezei Kinga

The Legend of Anne

Stage adaptation by MEZEI Kinga and GYARMATI Kata based on the musical work entitled Anne by MEZEI Szilárd

The Legend of Anne is inspired by Transylvania’s most poetic and most majestic region, the origin of the Lake of St. Anne. The performance focuses on the themes the legend evokes such as tyranny, exploitation together with the battle against that, despondency, defiance resulting from bitterness, self-sacrifice. The literary inspirations to the performance are the fairy tale of Elek Benedek and the novel entitled The Legend of St. Anne written by Menyhért Tamás.

The performance that uses the legend as a starting point speaks mainly on the language of music, imagery and movement.

The inspirational basis of the performance is TAMÁS Menyhért’s novel entitled The Legend of Saint Anne